Victor C. Romero (Penn State): A Meditation on Moncrieffe: On Marijuana, Misdemeanants, and Migration. Jennifer Farrell (Chicago): Masculine Equestrian, Promiscuous Rustic Tribade, or Royal Highness? Analyzing the Controversial Portraiture of Marie Antoinette. Philip J. Cook and Kimberly D. Krawiec (Duke): A Primer on Kidney Transplantation: Anatomy of the Shortage. Brian Leiter (Chicago): The Innocence of Becoming (and an untimely review of Friedrich Nietzsche's Twilight of the Idols). “CEOs are pretty normal people, who have a pretty shallow understanding of most things in the news, and who can often be stupid and/or obscene, especially when drunk”: Felix Salmon on what Davos is about. 4 years after Citizens United, outside campaign spending has skyrocketed — welcome to the future of American elections. Erich Hatala Matthes reviews Modern Honor: A Philosophical Defense by Anthony Cunningham. Arthur Herman on his book The Cave and the Light: Plato versus Aristotle, and the Struggle for the Soul of Western Civilization (and more). X-Men: First Class and the political: Tomasz Sikora on the liberal mind and its mutants. Thirteen charts that explain how Roe v. Wade changed abortion rights. A Republican Party that reprises the Bush era was a grim and unfathomable prospect in 2008, and is not exactly palatable now — but in the wake of the party’s thrall to Ayn Rand and Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, a return to Bushism sounds almost comforting.