Arthur Saniotis (Adelaide): Remaking Homo: Ethical Issues on Future Human Enhancement. Gavin Rae (AUC Egypt): Heidegger’s Influence on Posthumanism: The Destruction of Metaphysics, Technology and the Overcoming of Anthropocentrism. Brave New World, Plato’s Republic, and our scientific regime: Matthew J. Franck compares the utopian visions of Huxley and Plato. Andy Miah reviews Better Humans? Understanding the Enhancement Project by Michael Hauskeller (and more). New era of fast genetic engineering: A simple, very powerful method is making genome editing much easier and faster — prepare for a revolution in biology and medicine. Biotechnology and other life sciences promise to transform our health, identity, even our brains — should we be worried? Life as we grow it: Breanna Draxler on the promises and perils of synthetic biology. Thomas Damberger on transhumanism and the being of man. George Dvorsky on why you should upload yourself to a supercomputer. Kamil Muzyka on how immortals and posthumans will require regular maintenance. Are we too close to making Gattaca a reality? Ferris Jabr wonders. Atheist voices and their writings have paved the way for us, and now the 21st Century will bring the age of transhumanism to the forefront of society. Russell Blackford on his book Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies. Anyone calling for an end to politics, whether via secession or technocracy or singularity, either has no understanding of how human societies work (the generous interpretation) or has an authoritarian streak itching to show itself (the less-generous version).