Han Liu (Tsinghua): Empire's Law: A Genealogy of Territorial Sovereignty and Secession Before National Self-Determination. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Should We Impose Sanctions on Russia Because of the Crimea? Sarah Jane Hughes (Indiana) and Stephen T. Middlebrook (ABA): Regulating Cryptocurrencies in the United States: Current Issues and Future Directions. From nonsite.org, a special issue on photography and philosophy, six essays intended as three exchanges around three topics — the autonomy of the photographic image, automatism, and time and meaning. Art of the 1 percent: Rhonda Lieberman walks us through the trophy rooms of leisure-class art hoarders. Julian Baggini on templates for gaining wisdom: Can the “smart thinking” genre deliver on its promises of personal improvement? What we shouldn’t do is demonize writers, editors, and publishers for making compromises in the service of ideals other than a perfectly regulated labor market; the truth is, people make compromises for what they love — as do institutions — and to expect anything else is a fantasy of orthodoxy. Was Yanukovych's removal constitutional? Maria Popova investigates. Talking cures for phobias or addictions take ages to detrain your brain — what if a memory-boosting drug let you do it in a day? Carlotta Gall on what Pakistan knew about Bin Laden: Pakistan has made a show of cooperation with the American fight against terrorism while covertly abetting extremists. Liberals used to decry Realpolitik and demand that the US abide by its principles; now it's called "Organized Hypocrisy" and many of them celebrate it for its pragmatism — we are all realists now.