Torleif Halkjelsvik and Jostein Rise (SIFA): Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Willingness to Help Addicted Individuals: The Role of Responsibility Judgments. Jessica A. Clarke (Minnesota): Identity and Form. Jacquelien van Stekelenburg (VU): Going All the Way: Politicizing, Polarizing, and Radicalizing Identity Offline and Online. From International Studies Quarterly, a symposium on the "Third Debate" 25 years later. Vladimir Putin has been outplayed by Barack Obama. Fred Sanders on what you can learn from Calvin and Hobbes about the message and the medium. Nicholas White on how selfies changed how and what we share. Rejection and difference: E. Colin Ruggero on “centrists” and “children” and “bros” and “highschool brats”. Emily Badger on how Millennials are undercutting their own influence on social policy: They have very different views from their parents on marijuana, gay marriage and immigration — but they're consistently underrepresented on Election Day. “There is so much shame”: Emily Letts on why she filmed her abortion — and what happened next. Jonathan Chait on Obama’s moment of environmental decision: “The mysterious workings of the mind of Anthony Kennedy have perplexed a generation of legal scholars. In this case, the outcome may literally determine the fate of the world”. Craziest political debate in U.S. history just got a highlight reel. Arctic sovereignty, a short history: Ty McCormick on how a frigid no man's land became one of the most hotly contested territories on Earth. You can download the Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire, ed. Gabor Agoston and Bruce Masters.