William Walters (Carleton): Parrhesia Today: Drone Strikes, Fearless Speech and the Contentious Politics of Security. Kaija Mortensen (Randolph) and Jennifer Nagel (Toronto): Armchair-friendly Experimental Philosophy. From Ethos, Kenneth Lota on subverting player choice in The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite (and part 2). Could aid to Syrians be prolonging the war? Thanassis Cambanis on how the humanitarian effort is well funded, efficient, and undoubtedly saving lives — but critics worry that it has a dark side. From Vice, Matt Stoller on Tim Geithner and the con-artist wing of the Democratic Party. The downside of a legal high: Adult deaths and children’s emergency room visits in Colorado are being linked to newly legal marijuana, often in its edible form, and opponents of legalization are warning other states to pay heed. Will the new EPA rules for coal plants inspire other countries? Steven Mufson on how the international world will view Obama's new climate rules. Ryan Lizza on how Obama's climate rules reveal his Left-conservativism. Nate Cohen on why Democrats have little to lose in taking on the coal industry. Brian Beutler on how the Obama climate plan isn't a problem for Democrats — it's a problem for Republicans. David Weigel on the crazy Republican obsession with coal country: A lesson with maps. NRA apologizes for calling guns-in-restaurants crowd “weird”. Men’s rights group raises $25,000 to protect them from feminists. Why are handsome men such jerks? Jordan Ellenberg wonders. Are you surrounded by fools, the only reasonable person around? Then maybe you’re the one with the jerkitude — Eric Schwitzgebel on a theory of jerks.