Vinay Harpalani (Savannah): The Double-Consciousness of Race-Consciousness and the Bermuda Triangle of University Admissions. Prasad Krishnamurthy and Aaron S. Edlin (UC-Berkeley): Affirmative Action and Stereotypes in Higher Education Admissions. Richard Lempert (Michigan): Affirmative Action in the United States: A Brief Summary of the Law and Social Science. Peter H. Schuck (Yale): Assessing Affirmative Action. Samantha L Bowden (South Florida): The Myth of “Post-racial” America: Color-blind Racism in the Push to Repeal Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Christine Chambers Goodman (Pepperdine): Net (Race) Neutral: An Essay on How GPA + (Reweighted) SAT - Race = Diversity. Between the oikos and the cosmos: Harry G. Hutchison reviews Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It's Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won't Admit It by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. This diversity stuff can kill you: Lawrence Grandpre on what he learned as a black man at America's least diverse elite college. In the summer of 1991, Owen Smith left the blackest county in America for University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, quite possibly one of the whitest places on earth — “Disneyland for white people”. Andre M. Perry and Ivory Toldson on how black colleges are the biggest victims of states’ invasive new funding rules. For recent black college graduates, a tougher road to employment. Andre M. Perry on how the attack on bad teacher tenure laws is actually an attack on black professionals. From the Journal of Pan African Studies, a special issue on the Black Studies Movement. William S. New (Beloit) and Michael Merry (Amsterdam): Is Diversity Necessary for Educational Justice? Patrick McGuinn (Drew): Testing Race: Civil Rights Groups, the Democratic Party, and the Politics of the Contemporary Education Reform Movement. Jennifer L. Hochschild (Harvard) and Francis X. Shen (Minnesota): Race, Ethnicity, and Education Policy. For the first time this year, most public school students are nonwhite. America doesn’t have an education problem, it has a class problem.