From The New Yorker, David Remnick introduces a new series: Trump and the Truth — beginning with an article by Eyal Press on Trump and immigration. Dara Lind on the immigration debate, explained in 14 buzzwords. Jeet Heer on why Donald Trump’s conservative enemies are praising him: #NeverTrump hate the messenger, but they love the message. Where did Donald Trump get his racialized rhetoric? From libertarians. Jessica Valenti on how a vote for Trump is also a vote for the bigoted company he keeps. Yair Rosenberg on why a vote for Trump is a vote for mainstreaming anti-Semites. Watch Trump’s speeches, with the yelling, the reddened face, the demand for vengeance and you see there’s little to distinguish them from what we see at Aryan Nations or other white hate rallies that we all immediately recognize as reprehensible, wrong and frankly terrifying; this isn't “rough” language or “hard edged” rhetoric — it’s hate speech.

From Public Seminar, Sanford Schram on Trumpism: The banality of evil personalized. Donald Trump and the politics of fear: Molly Ball on how Trump’s candidacy relies on the power of fear — it could be the only way for him to win. David Corn on the Republican who can stop Trump from becoming president. Will Trumpism survive Trump? (Hint: Yes) Kurt Eichenwald on how Donald Trump will destroy what the GOP stands for: An open letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan on the difference between racism, xenophobia, protectionism, nuclear proliferation, torture, war crimes, fanboy support — and the GOP. From Tea Party to Trump is not that long a journey. Joshua Holland on how everyone gets it wrong about Donald Trump and white voters. Donald Trump volunteers are signing a lifelong contract never to criticize him.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on how political incorrectness is just a strategy: When Donald Trump and others lambast correctness, they’re just distracting from real issues. Nathan Heller on Trump, the University of Chicago, and the collapse of public language. Did Trump happen because liberals are too mean? Karen Tumulty on how Hillary Clinton helped create what she later called the “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Maybe Hillary Clinton shouldn’t spend so much time pursuing Republican voters. Is Hillary Clinton’s alt-Right strategy an act of genius? Liberals worry that she’s shored up more conventional Republican leaders by differentiating Trump from them. Is Hillary Clinton more liberal than Barack Obama? Joseph Stiglitz says yes. Clinton may rely on executive actions more than Obama if she wins.