Samuel Issacharoff (NYU): Outsourcing Politics: The Hostile Takeovers of Our Hollowed Out Political Parties. Who will do what Harry Reid did now that Harry Reid is gone? Nevada's departing senator would have fought Trump with a ruthlessness perhaps no other Democratic leader has. Ed Kilgore on the Democratic game plan for making Trump miserable — and regaining power. In North Carolina, some Democrats see their grim future: The GOP's moves have many on the Left worried their bare-knuckle tactics will spread nationally. Here's how Obama is Trump-proofing his legacy. Don't disappear next year, Obama: The outgoing president should stop worrying about norms and start resisting Trump (and more).

David Pettinicchio (Toronto): Elites, Policy and Social Movements. "We have to resist": Cody Delistraty interviews Rebecca Solnit on the difference between hope and optimism, and the dangers of activism without a plan. The future of resistance: Groups on the Left are planning to disrupt Donald Trump's agenda through grassroots political warfare. Thinking about committing civil disobedience in the age of Trump: For the first time in his life, liberal technocrat Harold Pollack is considering going to jail.