A new issue of Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics is out. Andrew M. Lindner and Ziggy Schulting (Skidmore): How Movies with a Female Presence Fare With Critics. Large sections of Australia's Great Barrier Reef are now dead, scientists find. Europe's extreme right is losing elections but still reshaping politics: Experts say Geert Wilders' ideas are now mainstream in the Netherlands. Stephen Krupin on Rex Tillerson's dangerous silence. Trump's intelligence nominee Dan Coats gets early lesson in managing White House. The serendipiter's journey: Michelle Dean on how Gay Talese's eye for detail turned out to be not only his strength but also his greatest weakness. Now, more than ever, "now more than ever" needs to go.

Steve Bannon in college: Grateful Dead fan, "Jerry Brown liberal", "ladies man". Francis Wilkinson on Steve Bannon's preposterous Rosebud moment: A populist's dramatic tale ends in tears for the little people. Stephen Bannon is a fan of Charles Maurras, a French philosopher who was an anti-Semite and a Nazi supporter. Nazi-allied group claims top Trump aide Sebastian Gorka as sworn member.