From The American Interest, a call to service: Voluntary service on a national scale would make America stronger, more participatory democracy; unite citizens of all backgrounds in a common cause; and help address many unmet social needs. 5 myths about the poor middle class: We've all heard the compelling tale about the decline of the average American — pity it's not true. Facing diversity: The challenge for the US is to reconcile the commercial advantages of diversity with the community strains it creates. What Darwin could tell us about the "war on drugs": Although it may seem counterintuitive, the "law and order" response by our politicians only intensifies the problem. A review of Snitch: Informers, Cooperators and the Corruption of Justice by Ethan Brown. A review of Police and Government Relations: Who's Calling the Shots? Clause and effect: The best way to make sense of the Second Amendment is to take away all the commas. How a taser works: The stun gun shocks without killing—but how safe is it? Two experts take a look.