Eric Foner on the making and the breaking of the legend of Robert E. Lee. Look at all these monuments from around the world that honor those who fought against slavery. Why are so many white men so angry? The last half-century has eroded their advantages, leaving them fuming. Abigail Levin and Lisa Guenther on white “power” and the fear of replacement. Are Jews white? Trump has revived American anti-Semitism — it’s not about color or race. How Trump both stokes and obscures his supporters’ racial resentment. US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein warns about the right-wing terror threat Trump ignores. Qasim Rashid: “—1 random Muslim yells Allahuakbar wielding a knife: America on red alert —Leading Christian evangelist threatens Civil War w/Millions: Meh”.

Making sense of the violence in Charlottesville: Was the white-nationalist march better understood as a departure from America’s traditional values, or viewed in the context of its history? Christian pastor Rick Joyner: There would be no white supremacists if it weren’t for Obama. University of Missouri officials warn students that white supremacists were attempting to recruit on campuses across the country. Neo-Nazis excluded from military service by policy, but concerns persist. After Charlottesville, Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-Right have become a lot less welcome on the web — so they’re building their own. Christopher Cantwell really hates being called The Crying Nazi.