Scott Skinner-Thompson (NYU): Performative Privacy. Alberto Romele (Porto) and Francesco Gallino, Camilla Emmenegger, and Daniele Gorgone (Turin): Panopticism is not Enough: Social Media as Technologies of Voluntary Servitude. Bart P. Knijnenburg, David Cherry, Daricia Wilkinson and Saadhika Sivakumar (Clemson), Elaine M. Raybourn (Sandia National Laboratories), and Henry Sloan): Death to the Privacy Calculus? Mary Madden (Harvard), Michele E. Gilman (Baltimore), Karen EC Levy (Cornell), and Alice E. Marwick (Data & Society): Privacy, Poverty and Big Data: A Matrix of Vulnerabilities for Poor Americans. Digital surveillance is class warfare: The poor are victimized by devices and the companies who profit from them.

The age of AI surveillance is here. Jonathan Weinberg on the real costs of cheap surveillance. Joseph Heath on the end of privacy (and part 2). The introduction to The Poverty of Privacy Rights by Khiara M. Bridges.