The course to chaos: When, precisely, did the Republican Party “snap”? Trapped by their own lies: Why Republicans can win, but can’t govern. Republicans say the “fun” has been taken out of Washington’s dysfunction. For those in the Party of Trump, the Republicans — not the president — are to blame. Charles Sykes on how the Right lost its mind and embraced Donald Trump. Would Trump voters really revolt if he kept DACA? Why Trump supporters might not care that he’s not getting anything done. Maybe Trump’s base wants insults, not results. Trump says jump, his supporters ask: How high? Even Oprah can’t wrangle a productive conversation out of Trump supporters. Trumpism is becoming a monster beyond Trump’s control.

Donald Trump broke the Republican Party — Alabama just made it worse. Roy Moore’s nomination gave Republicans another chance to reject authoritarianism — they declined. Roy Moore’s Alabama victory sets off talk of a G.O.P. insurrection. “I’m out of empathy. I’m out of pity. I’m out of patience”: Roy Moore is a lawless theocratic lunatic, and those who support him are destroying our democracy.