The new Republican tax plan, explained. The GOP tax plan, explained in simplest possible terms. Trump’s tax “reform” looks like tax cuts for the rich. Trump’s tax plan: Prioritize cuts for the rich, say he isn’t (and more). Trump says his tax plan is “not good for me”, despite big cuts for the wealthy (and more and more). Hamilton Nolan on the sheer bold balls of the Republican tax cuts; and on how the Trump tax plan is an American catastrophe. The middle class doesn’t want a tax cut — it wants better government. The Trump tax cuts are going to hurt the Republican Party. Passing a tax bill should be easy — here’s why it isn’t. The tax fight is about to get real.

Bruce Bartlett: “I helped create the GOP tax myth. Trump is wrong: Tax cuts don’t equal growth”. With tax cuts on the table, once-mighty deficit hawks hardly chirp. The Republican tax plan is a sham. Let’s stop taking Trump’s tax plan seriously. Watch the tax code because that’s how they get you.