Martin Savransky (Goldsmiths): How It Feels to Think: Experiencing Intellectual Invention. A genocide is taking place — luckily we Americans have other things to worry about. The Kurdish referendum backfired badly — here’s why. The opioid crisis is a political emergency for American conservatism. Trump just declared a public health emergency to combat the opioid crisis — here’s what that will do. Undocumented teen seeking abortion faced abuse at refugee shelter. Trump election commission has ground to a halt, says Republican member. GAO to investigate Trump’s voter fraud commission. Annual Reviews launches Knowable Magazine, a digital magazine that will explore the real-world significance of scholarly research.

President again actively assisting on-going Russian attacks. Republicans on House’s Trump-Russia probe not that interested in Trump or Russia. The Republicans have developed a theory of alt-collusion to defend Trump from Mueller. Scandalmongering the Clintons has defined the Republican Party for the past quarter of a century — maybe going cold turkey was just too much to ask. A coordinated attack on the FBI has begun. How Robert Mueller’s investigation could end: Anyone hoping for a neat conclusion is likely to be disappointed.