Giulia Landi (Florence): Neutrality of International Law Towards Secession: An Old-Fashioned Story or the Beginning of a New Chapter? Catalonia, Lombardy, Scotland: Why the fight for self-determination now? Catalonia’s parliament voted for independence — so Spain dissolved it. Madrid just dismissed the Catalan government — here’s what you need to know. Lisa Abend on the myths that fuel the Catalan crisis: Flawed, oversimplified narratives are driving both sides. As a republic struggles to be born, Barcelona holds its breath. Huge rally in Barcelona rejects Catalan secession bid. The lessons of economic pain: Stathis Kalyvas on why Greece’s fate helps make sense of Catalonia’s gamble.

Catalonia’s ousted leader Carles Puigdemont calls for peaceful defiance. Resist or obey Madrid’s rule? Catalonia civil servants must decide. What are the peaceful solutions to Spain’s crisis? Sergi Pardos-Prado on Catalonia’s three ways forward.