Andrew Glazzard and Emily Winterbotham (RUSI), Sasha Jesperson (St. Mary’s), and Thomas Maguire (King’s College): Islamist Violent Extremism: A New Form of Conflict or Business as Usual? Michael Loadenthal (George Mason): Othering Terrorism: A Rhetorical Strategy of Strategic Labeling. Arthur Hatton (Georgia Southern): Anti-Muslim Prejudice When Exposed to News About Terrorism: The Roles of Negative Affect and Psychological Inflexibility. Trump is quick to blame Muslims for terror attacks — he’s slow when Muslims are the victims. There’s a reason you didn’t hear about a man who recently tried to bomb an airport. You can download Fear Thy Neighbor: Radicalization and Jihadist Attacks in the West by Lorenzo Vidino, Francesco Marone, and Eva Entenmann.

With the destruction of the caliphate, the Islamic State has lost far more than territory. Scott Atran, Hoshang Waziri, and Richard Davis on ISIS after the caliphate. Rise and fall of ISIS: Its dream of a caliphate is over, so what now? Note found in truck claims Manhattan attack done for ISIS, source says.