The mainstream media didn’t care about Puerto Rico until it became a Trump story. Added to the storm’s toll, guilt and heartache for Puerto Ricans who fled. A great migration from Puerto Rico is set to transform Orlando. Two months after Maria, life on Puerto Rico’s southeast coast is far from normal. Congress faces growing health care crisis in Puerto Rico. Economists, demographers present grim picture to Puerto Rico fiscal board. A controversial “oversight board” could take over Puerto Rico’s hurricane rebuilding effort. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren propose $146 billion “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico.

The lineman got $63 an hour — the utility was billed $319 an hour. Puerto Rico’s deal with Whitefish was shady as hell, new records show. From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Repair or Rebuild: Options for Electric Power in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is starting to take solar power more seriously. Desperate for electricity, Puerto Rico children’s hospital goes solar. Molly Crabapple on Puerto Rico’s DIY disaster relief. Puerto Rico’s Arecibo observatory will stay open, despite funding concerns.