From Philosophy and Public Issues, a special issue on Pierre Rosanvallon’s Le Bon Gouvernement, including a precis by Rosanvallon; Emmanuel Picavet (Sorbonne): Observations on Pierre Rosanvallon’s Le Bon Gouvernement; Chiara D’Alessandro on The Presidentialisation of the French System in the Crisis of Political Representation; Franco Manti (Genoa): Good Government and Participatory Democracy: A Model of Social Partnership; Jack Coopey (Durham): Citadels: Crisis of Representation as Authoritarian: The Ruling Class in Adorno and Rosanvallon; and Erasmo Silvio Storace (Insubria): On “Parler Vrai”: Reflection Over the Political Languages of the (Dis)trust in Le Bon Gouvernement by Pierre Rosanvallon.