From Newsweek, the voters of Appalachia A - Are Hicks, B - Are Hillbillies, C - Are Rednecks, D - Don't appreciate where you're going with this; is pandering the key to election success? An article on the noble history of flip-flopping. Is Barack a typical pol? McCain wants you to think so—which is good, in the long run, for Obama. Andy Borowitz on how liberal bloggers accuse Obama of trying to win election. Late-Period Limbaugh: Bush is wildly unpopular; McCain is nobody’s idea of a movement guy; conservatism is cracking up — what’s the king of talk radio to do? The three geographies: Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill argue the geographic forms help predict voter behavior. Sympathy for the devil: A review of Dinner with Mugabe by Heidi Holland. Here are 5 terrible life lessons Hollywood loves to teach you. Sex is interesting, even when it's bad. Sex memoirs, on the other hand. Pink Viagra: While pharmaceutical companies battle to end desire discrepancy, some feminists fear the medicalization of not being in the mood. The heaviest burden: An article on Nietzsche and the death of God. James V. Schall, S.J. on what philosophers play with. Witold Rybczynski is searching for the true legacy of Buckminster Fuller. From Miller-McCune, a three-part series on affirmative action. University presses gathered in Montreal last week to discuss the future, and Scott McLemee comes back with a report.