From Open Democracy, an article on the end of American capitalism (as we knew it). From Democracy, a review of The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker by Steven Greenhouse and (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents: The Decline of the Professional Middle Class by Nan Mooney. A review of Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches From America’s Class War by Joe Bageant and The Right Talk: How Conservatives Transformed the Great Society into the Economic Society by Mark Smith. The numbers don't lie: Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans. An interview with Chuck Collins, author of Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes. From New Humanist,  why do women screech when men shout? Sally Feldman explores the sexual politics of the voice; and fathers under fire: Elizabeth Wilson on the new scapegoat. Britt Peterson reviews Senselessness by Horacio Castellanos Moya. Being happy has always seemed like a good idea, but now science, with research to back it up, can finally show us how to get there. A review of The Book of Calamities: Five Questions About Suffering and Its Meaning by Peter Trachtenberg. From Finance & Development, what's the single thing most likely to double living standards in poor countries over the next decade?