From the Journal of Markets & Morality, a review of Trapped: When Acting Ethically Is Against the Law by John Hasnas; an essay on the claim for secularization as a contemporary utopia; an article on ideas, associations, and the making of good cities; and can social justice be achieved? A review of America and the World: Conversations on the Future of American Foreign Policy by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft. A review of The Culture of War by Martin van Creveld (and more). Nir Rosen reports from Majd al Anjar, where the rage of young men mixes with the sectarian fervour spilling over Iraq’s borders. Everyone Loves Rachel: How an ultra-liberal Air America host won over the other side. Rebecca Donner reviews In the Land of No Right Angles by Daphne Beal. MC Hammer's "Too Legit to Quit": Here is illustrated the flaw, or danger, of conservatism as a defense of legitimacy. Justin Raimondo on HGTV: If you think that FOX News — with its bleached-out blonde anchorbabes made up to look like mid-price hookers — is the televised voice of conservatism, then think again. An interview with Carmine Sarracino, coauthor of The Porning of America: The Rise of Porn Culture, What It Means, and Where We Go From Here. The corrupter of youth: A review of Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher by Neil Gross.