From FP, here's a list of the world’s ugliest elections. Chris Hedges on America’s political cannibalism. From ZNet, an article on proto-fascism in the United States: Campaign reflections. Recent fictionalizations of our 43rd president show that we're done with the screeds and parodies; after eight long years, we just want to know what makes him tick. Political science: An article on what being neat or messy says about political leanings. A review of The Persuadable Voter by Sunshine Hillygus and Todd Shields. Immanuel Wallerstein on a long-term view of the Depression. Bill McKibben reviews Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman. Michael C. Moynihan on the rise of disaster socialism. From Things of Interest, here are methods for destroying the Earth. From Cosmos, an article on the science of good and evil. From, Jacques-Alain Miller on how we love the one who responds to our question: “Who Am I?” Lost boys: Four books offer explanations on the crisis of masculinity. Charm school: Scholars unpack the secrets of charisma, and suggest the elusive quality can be taught. A review of Weakness of Will from Plato to the Present. From ARPA, a review of A Good Death: An Argument for Voluntary Euthanasia by Rodney Syme and Experiments in Love and Death: Medicine, Postmodernism, Microethics and the Body by Paul Komesaroff.