From Imprimis, Edward J. Erler (CSU-SB): Birthright Citizenship and Dual Citizenship: Harbingers of Administrative Tyranny. From Multinational Monitor, the system implodes: A look at the 10 worst corporations of 2008. The Tower of Babel does not exist: Clarisse Herrenschmidt considers the mixed blessings of global English and suggests playing a game to overcome the barriers of language. How we will die in 20 years: Here’s a list of reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) fear the reaper in the coming decades. Obama's Reagan Democrats: They weren't crazy about Obama, but they voted for him anyway — now what do they want? Professor-in-Chief: Unlike other egg-headed candidates, President-elect Obama has proven that an intellectual can make it to the Oval Office. The new Cicero: Barack Obama's speeches are much admired and endlessly analysed, but one of their most interesting aspects is the enormous debt they owe to the oratory of the Romans. Why should we be celebrating the “new frugality” imposed by hard times, particularly if we have moved beyond the moral universe plotted by Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, and Michael Novak? An excerpt from Wage Theft in America by Kim Bobo. A review of Garrett Cullity’s The Moral Demands of Affluence, Tim Mulgan’s The Demands of Consequentialism, and Liam Murphy’s Moral Demands in Nonideal Theory