From The New York Observer, what makes moguls believe they belong in the book business?; and the New Little Miss Missbehave: Editor Lesley Arfin wants to make the Williamsburg women’s quarterly less Vice, more Teen Vogue. How would Kerouac cope with Word? (and from Bookforum, fifty years after the publication of On the Road, the question remains: Where was Kerouac going?)  From Cracked, a look at the 13 most baffling book titles. To toss or not to toss? Laura Miller on the well-tended bookshelf. From Folio, an article on community publishing: The next new hope? Laid off recently? Come to Tina, darling! Jason Earls on his submission to Weird Tales magazine. From TAP, the 2008 election was defined as much by things that didn't happen — from racism denying Obama the presidency to working-class men finding him too elitist — as things that did; and after three decades of devolution, there's no turning back from the reality that states, their governors, legislators, and parties will play a central role in our country's political future. Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger on Getting Real on Climate Change: We'll never succeed in making dirty energy too expensive — let's make clean energy cheap; and on A New Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore just updated his prescription for fighting climate change — now other environmentalists have to follow his lead.