From Scientific American, a special issue of the evolution of evolution, including a look at why everyone should learn the theory of evolution and put evolution to use in the everyday world; an article on the evolution of the mind: 4 fallacies of psychology; the human pedigree: A timeline of hominid evolution; and a look at the Future of Man: How will evolution change humans? Why music? Biologists are addressing one of humanity’s strangest attributes, its all-singing, all-dancing culture. Consider the Philosopher: An article on the early metaphysical investigations of David Foster Wallace. Which state is the most crooked — Illinois or Louisiana? Why has Illinois always been so corrupt? In a word: adaptability. Leaving literature behind: The professionalization of the field is turning students off. Marc Ambinder on the once and future Democratic Party. An interview with Michael Chabon on The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (and a review at Bookforum). From The American Interest, Niall Ferguson on what “Chimerica” hath wrought. From Dissent, Kirill Medvedev on The Writer in Russia. From, David R. Carlin on liberal Protestantism and liberal Catholicism; and Danielle Ben on glamour moms. Here's a message for sex educators: Sex is not dirty. An interview with Aviad Kleinberg, author of Seven Deadly Sins: A Very Partial List.