From Taki's Magazine, an article on The Old Right and the Antichrist. The Old New Right: Conservative grandee Richard Viguerie looks to the future of a right-wing coalition that operates outside the Republican Party. Greek to Us: An article on the death of classical education and its consequences. From Slate, an article on the media divas who refuse to appear with other guests; and how to blog: Advice from Arianna Huffington, Om Malik, and more of the Web's best pundits. The Web may be hazardous to your health: How to figure out what's ailing you without becoming a cyberchondria. eBay and the brain: What psychology teaches us about the economic downturn. How a woman described so sparingly in the Bible became Mary, the global icon. The Hope for Audacity: Todd Gitlin assesses the difference between Obama's outlook and that of FDR and LBJ. French Guiana, the overseas sliver of France, offers a bit of insight into the shifting fortunes of the United States in at least one corner of the evolving world economy. End of the book? Publishing houses are struggling with tough times and changing technology. A review of The Shadows of Consumption: Consequences for the Global Environment by Peter Dauvergne. A review of Music Quickens Time by Daniel Barenboim. A review of Thinking Popular Culture: War, Terrorism and Writing by Tara Brabazon.