Who reads an early American book?: A new issue of Common-place is out. David Brooks on the end of philosophy (and a response by Hilzoy). An interview with Sam Nunn on Obama's no-nukes speech. Christopher Hitchens on telling the truth about the Armenian genocide and why Texas is right on teaching evolution. Michelle Goldberg on the growing clout of atheists and non-believers. The decline of traditional news media will accelerate the rise of The Daily Me, and we’ll be irritated less by what we read and find our wisdom confirmed more often. The magazine isn't dying — it’s just the badly motivated ones that are going under. Washington Post reporter calls out George Will for lying in the Washington Post (and more). Stress Test: What interview questions did D.E. Shaw ask Larry Summers? From Secular Web, an essay on the untenability of theistic evolution. We think of the hunter's life as one of untamed authenticity, but take away his accouterment. Thank you for teaching: We all respect teachers, but the position remains one of the country's most thankless. A pene-enclave is almost an enclave in the same way that a peninsula almost is an island, but only on a strictly lexical level. The introduction to The Rise and Fall of the Shah: Iran from Autocracy to Religious Rule by Amin Saikal. The death of Jewish philosophy: An excerpt from Jewish Faith and Modern Science by Norbert M. Samuelson.