From SSRC, a web forum on Haiti, Now and Next, including an introduction by Craig Calhoun; Saskia Sassen (Columbia): Haiti and the International System; Robert Fatton Jr. (Virginia): Hope Admist Devastation: Towards a New Haitian State; and Greg Beckett (Chicago): Moving Beyond Disaster to Build a Durable Future in Haiti. Natural disasters have been engines of development and economic growth throughout history; Kevin Rozario on the lessons of past catastrophes, and why Haiti might be different. rom Boston Review, an article on whitewashing Haiti’s history (and more on “civilizing” Haiti). The American-led mission in Port-au-Prince has put military stability before humanitarian needs in a painful echo of Haiti’s past. Why did we focus on securing Haiti rather than helping Haitians? From The New Yorker, an interview with Jon Lee Anderson. The missing discomfort in mourning for Haiti: There is a hidden cost to tweeting, texting, and other "convenient" ways of taking action to help others. Revolutionary Roads: When thinking of Haiti, don't be fooled by its borders. Calling the Ex: What can Bill and George possibly do for Haiti? In the rebuilding of Haiti, the UN will have to broaden its remit if it is to do more than enforce a negative peace. Edward Brown of World Vision debunks five myths around disaster relief. Rebecca Solnit on covering Haiti: When the media is the disaster (and more and more on the coverage). Whose fault is Haiti's devastation? From The Nation, Amy Wilentz on the Haiti haters. To heal Haiti, look to history, not nature. From NYRB, Mark L. Schneider on Haiti's hidden hope.