From Semiophagy: Journal of Pataphysics and Existential Semiotics, Jeremy Fernando (EGS): Of Oxen and Obama: What Happens After the Orgy?; and Peter Hulm (EGS): Baudrillard's Bastards: Pataphysics After the Orgy — Some Lessons for Journalists. A review of The March of the Patriots: The Struggle for Modern Australia by Paul Kelly. From Saturday Evening Post, Jeff Nilsson on Love and Democracy: A Troubled Romance. God's executioner: How did early modern executioners square their unsavoury occupations with aspirations to social respectability and Christian morality? The Brain Mistrust: Why the newest think tanks in Washington aren’t reimagining the capital. Sew Solidarity Crew: Ed Hall’s protest banners are works of art. How can we get politicians elected on a short-term basis to think about the long-term good of the country? Some ideas from around the world. Real Housewives of Gomorrah!: Never before revealed — the deep history of reality television. New research focuses on the power of physical contact. Tom Kuntz on how it’s getting harder to hate Wal-Mart. The Great Grocery Smackdown: Will Walmart, not Whole Foods, save the small farm and make America healthy? A review of To Serve God and Wal-Mart : The Making of Christian Free Enterprise by Bethany Moreton (and a review by Maud Newton at Bookforum). WalMart and the Civil War: Ta-Nehisi Coates on saving hallowed ground from a Big Box invader. A review of Trucking Country: The Road to America’s Wal-Mart Economy by Shane Hamilton. What do the remote control, lipstick tubes and the slogan “Got Milk” have in common? A look at five myths about the 2010 Census and the U.S. population.