From Axess, a special issue on architecture for our time, including Theodore Dalrymple on the Inhumane Le Corbusier: He belongs more to criminal history than to architectural history; and in contrast to an antiquated modernism that clings to large-scale construction, classic town plans have been created that take into account local conditions and traditions. A look at how Daniel Libeskind's new prefab house crosses style with speed. The field of architecture is structured in such a way that it keeps the status quo — white, economically privileged men — firmly in place. From NYRB, a review of Alvar Aalto: Architecture, Modernity, and Geopolitics by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen; and Martin Filler on House Life in a Koolhaas. An article on Christopher Alexander, an achitectural theorist who has inspired smart-growth advocates, counterculture DIY-ers, and computer programmers. Ian Volner reviews Why Architecture Matters by Paul Goldberger (and more and more). From The New Yorker, Paul Goldberger on Jeanne Gang and architecture’s anti-divas. The case of an avant-garde architect, who defied then assisted the Nazi machine, makes hard and fast judgments difficult. A review of Unpacking My Library: Architects and their Books. An interview with Jeremy Till on books about architecture. Whatever it is, I'm against it: Ian Volner on "Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture". The BBC's Great White Elephant: A look at how new media buildings rapidly become old media. An interview with Tony Candido, architect, painter. A look at hallucinatory architecture of the future. Haiti as architectural wake-up call: A major disaster — and a few success stories — show architecture is the problem and the solution for earthquake-prone cities. What does architecture mean now — like, right now?