In India, where 4,000 year-old stories still inspire death threats, historians, mathematicians and nationalists are going to battle over an ancient civilisation’s script. A review of The God Market: How Globalization Is Making India More Hindu by Meera Nanda. The rise of Hindu nationalism is a major threat to intellectual freedom, but it's also time to confront a climate of implicit censorship that leads to its own pathology. In the name of the people: The politics of an imagined "people" is anti-democratic because it can so easily slide into direct fascist action against perceived "enemies". A review of India's Foreign Policy: The Democracy Dimension by SD Muni. A look at India's controversial new war doctrine — preparing for a "two-front" war with Pakistan and China. Can Bollywood heal the India-Pakistan relationship? An ordinary man and a nobody: An excerpt from The Great Divide: India and Pakistan. The pluralism and diversity that has defined spiritual life on the Indian subcontinent for centuries continues to transcend the divisive politics of religion. Meet Shireen Mazari, the Ann Coulter of Pakistan. Waziristan, headquarters of Islamist terror, has repelled outsiders for centuries; now the Pakistani government is making a determined effort to control the place. Why does Pakistan hate the US? Because it is dependent on it. Will there always be a Pakistan?: Fissures within the military could tear not just the army but the entire country apart — it's coming sooner than you think. An interview with Syed Ashfaqul Haque on books about Bangladesh. The first few weeks of the year may finally witness the execution, 35 years after the fact, of the killers of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. From Dissent, Sumedha Senanayake on Sri Lanka's post-war crisis (and more).