From Global Media Journal, Victoria Ann Newsom (CSU-LA) and Wenshu Lee (LMU): On Nourishing Peace: The Performativity of Activism through the Nobel Peace Prize; Nicholas Zoffel (Manhattanville) and Sarah McGaffey (SJSU): Contributions to Peace Through Professional Wrestling: Examining the Peacekeeper Performances by the Gender Twisted Women of Lucha Libre Femenil; and Priya Kapoor (PSU): Of Moral Positions and Nuclear War: Novelist Arundhati Roy as Peace Activist. Where the consumer is king: Greg Beato writes in praise of mail-order catalogs. From the University of Chicago Press, you can get Ted Cohen's Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matter as a free e-book. From The Nation, without accountability and adequate support for the victims of sexual violence during the Bosnian war, ethnic fault lines could deepen. Say goodbye to one good job —  and, if you’re lucky, hello to many small ones. What can writers learn from Gawker Media? Gaby Darbyshire explains. A top journalist caught on tape with a pile of cocaine and a party girl named Moomoo, an opposition activist filmed handing over a bribe — Michael Idov on the smear campaign that has Moscow abuzz. Star Wars fans and the sins of George Lucas: The fraught relationship between the filmmaker and the public. From The Weekly Standard, Virginia Postrel reviews Glamour: A History by Stephen Gundle and Glamour in Six Dimensions: Modernism and the Radiance of Form by Judith Brown. The Great Catholic Cover-Up: Christopher Hitchens on how the pope's entire career has the stench of evil about it, and why the Catholic priests who abused children and the men who covered it up must be prosecuted. How I found God and peace with my atheist brother: Peter Hitchens traces his journey back to Christianity.