Alla Myzelev (Guelph): Canadian Architecture and Nationalism: From Vernacular to Deco. The Canadian School: A new generation of designers marries the local with the avant-garde. A look at how the Communist Party changed Canadian elections forever. No one can hear you scream: At Mars on Earth, on Canada’s Devon Island, researchers prepare for space travel’s worst dangers. A review of The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America's Shadow by Brian Lee Crowley, Jason Clemens, and Niels Veldhuis (and more). Let’s begin with a premise that presumably we can all agree upon: literary criticism in Canada is struggling. Here, Now: Canadian writers, living on the edge of the world, have the best view. Canada's Funnyman: Stephen Leacock was the most successful humorist writing in the English language, but his ideas about society were not so amusing. The secret script for "Fox News North": Deride hippies, assail Starbucks, introduce guest with alternative view, cue head-shaking. Location, location, location: Does where you live determine who you are? (and a graphic on the 66 faces of Canada) Here is an eccentric, non-textbook sense of contemporary Canadian literature. Follow the Leader: A friend and colleague remembers Pierre Trudeau. With her "un-Albertan" magazine Alberta Views, founding editor Jackie Flanagan is trying to show her province isn't all rednecks, cowboys and oil tycoons.