Gregory D. Miller (Oklahoma): The Security Costs of Energy Independence. From Strategic Insight, David Anderson (Webster) and Randall McCauley (TECHINT): Ideology or Pragmatism? US Economic Aid, Military Assistance, and Foreign Military Sales: 1950-2007; and Shon McCormick (KSU) and David Anderson (Webster): U.S. National Security Strategy: Is There an Empirical Relationship Between Economic Freedom and Political Freedom? From Swans, Paul Buhle on William Appleman Williams Versus Reinhold Niebuhr: U.S. foreign policy and two theologies. An interview with Andrew Bacevich, author of Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War (and more and more and more and more and more). Can the United States do grand strategy? Walter A. McDougall wonders. In its current perceptions of the Third World, Washington continues to rely on notions of national security and cultural imperialism. Dumb Power: Four stupid policies that will wreck America’s global influence. From Policy Review, Colin Dueck on regaining a realistic foreign policy: What Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan teach. Reforming foreign aid: Will the Obama administration fix a byzantine system? The Two Obamas: It's too early to call the U.S. president a foreign-policy failure, but he does need to figure out what kind of global leader he wants to be. How to make a liberal foreign policy: The question of how to use American military power still threatens to split the liberal movement. Diplomacy 2.0: The State Department's Jared Cohen expects that his social-media savvy will transform U.S. foreign policy. The way to America’s heart is through its stomach: The rise of food diplomacy will see the world's smallest countries elbowing their ajvar, pljeskavica, and musakhan onto your table.