Bred to death: The pursuit of purebred perfection threatens some of our best friends (and more). Dog lovers are some of the most disturbing hypocrites around — how many times have you heard them put the lives of dogs ahead of their fellow man? Dogs have played heroic roles throughout the history of modern science in experiments that weren't always humane. Did dogs gain their social intelligence by accident? What has long been lore is now established fact: many people look like their dogs. Dogs meet DogBots: How might real dogs react to robotic dogs? From Intelligent Life, a photo gallery on extreme dogs. And Man created Dog: The dog is the most varied mammal on the planet — the variety is a direct result of human tinkering or artificial selection that began more than 15,000 years ago. Why dogs love us: In his new Duke Canine Cognition Center, Brian Hare explores the bonds that, over thousands of years, have linked dogs and humans. Stanley Coren on how dogs were created: A deeper look into our pets' history. Animal domestication is one manifestation of a larger distinctive trait of our species, the "animal connection", which unites and underwrites a number of the most important evolutionary advances of our hominin ancestors. Dog Bark Park Inn: Sweet Willy, at 30 feet tall, is the world's biggest beagle. At this hotel, even a pooch can live in the lap of luxury — but please don't use the word "kennel".