From the Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Giorgio Riello (Warwick): The Object of Fashion: Methodological Approaches to the History of Fashion. The decision to wear a tie can be a sartorial minefield for politicians and the public alike. From Philosophy Now, the Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant: Nick Bostrom tells us a philosophical parable about death. From Make, time for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts 2.0? Why Greg Smith is "dead right" about Goldman Sachs: The resignation letter heard round the world proves what we already know: Washington would like to think it can change the culture of Wall Street — and it can't. Charles Murray on why economics can't explain our cultural divide: Even during upturns, blue-collar Americans are marrying and working less. David Ignatius on the bin Laden plot to kill President Obama (and more). Ani DiFranco's “Which Side Are You On?”: a “radical” artist openly embraces Obama and the Democrats. Jonathan Chait on Romney's health care evasions: A history. Iceland’s ex-prime minister Geir H. Haarde is on trial over role in financial crisis.