From the latest issue of Journal of Philosophy of Life, Masahiro Morioka (Osaka): Human Dignity and the Manipulation of the Sense of Happiness: From the Viewpoint of Bioethics and Philosophy of Life; Nathan Van Camp (Atwerp): Heidegger and the Question Concerning Biotechnology; and John Shand (Open): The Degradation of Human Relations Through Instant and Ever-present Communication, and the New Etiquette It Requires. Dictator lit: Daniel Kalder on Castro’s clunking Che memoir. School presents challenges globally — in the Arctic, these issues are compounded by language barriers, external teachers and a history of disempowerment. Running on faith: When personal beliefs become political touchstones. Colin McGinn on how the more we look at the brain, the less it looks like a device for creating consciousness — perhaps philosophers will never be able to solve the mystery. It would be disturbingly easy to fake America’s $1 coins — why isn’t the government doing more to prevent it from happening? Celebrity endorsements: When you’re famous, even checks you write to the drugstore have value.