From Labor Notes, Mischa Gaus on how bankruptcy has returned as a tool to crack unions; and can labor organize the unemployed? Jenny Brown wonders. Jared Bernstein on the case for full employment. The boast that American workers are naturally superior to other workers and would therefore “win” in any fair competition is problematic at best and at worst a pander to our national delusion of exceptionalism. 40-hour work week: One hundred fifty years of research proves that shorter work hours actually raise productivity and profits and overtime destroys them — so why do we still do this? A review of Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike That Changed America by Joseph A. McCartin. Terminal sickness: Phillip Longman and Lina Khan on how a thirty-year-old policy of deregulation is slowly killing America's airline system — and taking down Cincinnati, Memphis, and St. Louis with it. How the rich took over airport security: Security checks were one of America's most democratic places — until rich passengers got their own speedy lines.