Ori J. Herstein (Cornell): Defending the Right to Do Wrong. Francesco Orsi (Tartu): Sidgwick and the Morality of Purity. Ezio Di Nucci (Duisburg-Essen): Self-Sacrifice and the Trolley Problem. From Emergent Australasian Philosophers, Michael Lopresto (Adelaide): The Ethics of Belief; and Samuel Green (Monash): Morality is not Good. Michael Ruse on a Darwinian approach to moral philosophy. From The Philosopher, a review of The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life. A review of of A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living by Luc Ferry. From The Philosophers' Magazine, a review of The Ethical Project by Philip Kitcher; a review of Ethics for a Broken World: Imagining Philosophy after Catastrophe by Tim Mulgan; and a mountain worth climbing? Adam Ferner on what the critics say about On What Matters by Derek Parfit. A review of Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry by Jonathan Wolff. Mark Vernon on Alasdair MacIntyre and the return of virtue ethics. An interview with NYU’s Japa Pallikkathayil on morality and politics. If nature doesn’t give any morally satisfying answer to the question “what is the purpose, function, or end of a human life?” does that mean that only tradition can do so?