A new issue of the US Army's Soldiers is out. A new issue of the U.S. Navy's Proceedings is out. From Air Force magazine, here are the latest Air Force facts and figures from the USAF Almanac. Crosby Hipes (Maryland): The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment in the Military: An Experimental Approach. A review of Citizen Soldier: An Overview of the US Military Reserve Forces by Blaine A. White. Obama’s Secret Army: At a time when many Americans think their government is inept, the "Special Operators" get the job done. When they die, these secret warriors of a secret American war want to buried in veterans cemeteries alongside their American comrades. Suppose they gave a war and only contractors remained: Time for the military to get serious about this issue. Revolutionary reading lists: Zygmunt F. Dembek and Dean Cheng on an attempt to compile the readings that provide insight into the philosophies and tactics of our enemies, past, present, and perhaps future. Descent into deepest ignominy: An article on James J. Carafano and the Heritage Foundation, then and now.