From Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, generalists, specialists, and others: An interview with George Scialabba. From The Common Review, Robert Boyers acknowledges the extent to which he has become — dreaded word — a realist; and a review of The Overloaded Liberal: Shopping, Investing, Parenting, and Other Daily Dilemmas in an Age of Political Activism by Fran Hawthorne and Parenting Out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times by Margaret K. Nelson. The geeks shall inherit the bars: A growing movement is trying to make socializing safe for the world’s nerds. From Comment, a review of Monoculture: How One Story is Changing Everything by F.S. Michaels; and small is beautiful (except when it isn't): Even the most dedicated advocates of communitarian conservative values at some level realize that the flourishing they experience is, to a great extent, made possible by global markets. Several millennia ago, Aristotle asserted that man was different from the animals because only he had the gift of (thoughtful) speech; the cursing generation seems intent on erasing that distinction.