A new issue of Academic Leadership Journal is out. Mark A. Smith and Karen Schmidt (Northern Colorado): Teachers Are Making a Difference: Understanding the Influence of Favorite Teachers. Dangerous and disruptive or simply cutting class: When should schools kick kids to the curb? An interview with Jessie Klein, author of The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools. Do students need to learn lower-level factual and procedural knowledge before they can do higher-order thinking? Free Tanya McDowell: Why it is wrong to send a mother to prison for sending her son to a public school? Christopher Bonastia on why the racist history of the charter school movement is never discussed. Does preschool matter? Jonah Lehrer investigates. Zadie Smith on global school reporting without the wonk. What is the case against the Montessori educational approach? From the three Rs to the four Cs: William Crossman on radically redesigning K-12 education. The current state of the education reform movement has been referred to as the Civil Rights movement of our time — this description is certainly justified.