The inaugural issue of the Women Philosophers' Journal is out. From Talking Philosophy, what does a philosopher look like? Here is Cynthia Freeland’s essay on Steve Pyke’s collection of photographs, Philosophers. Will Crouch on how to be a high impact philosopher. Alistair MacFarlane reveals paradoxes in the long life of Bertrand Russell. From Full Stop, an interview with Robert Paul Wolff; and an interview with Joshua Knobe, one of the founders of something called Experimental Philosophy, or XPhi (and more). From 3:AM magazine’s series on philosophers, interviews with Patricia Churchland; Katerina Deligiorgi; Kit Fine; Alan Gilbert; Pete Mandik; Eric Olson; Graham Priest; Mark Rowlands; and Kieran Setiya. The Greatest Fool That Ever Lived: James V. Schall reflects on the nature of philosophy, Stoicism, and the Incarnational view of life. Philip K. Dick, Sci-Fi Philosopher: He was one of the most influential science fiction writers of the 20th century, but few people consider him a thinker — that would be a mistake (and part 2 and part 3). A look at what philosophers do, in case you were wondering. Are the Stooges funny? A philosopher says “Soitanly!”