A new issue of The Green Bag is out. From Enlightening Tourism, Tania Gorcheva (Svishtov): The Economic Nature of International Tourism; Graham M. S. Dann (Finnmark): Anglophone Hegemony in Tourism Studies Today; and Wayne W. Smith, Emily Fralinger, and Stephen W. Litvin (Charleston): Segmenting the U.S.A. Non-travel Market. From National Review, Kevin D. Williamson on the GOP as the party of civil rights (and a response). Save us, Soros: Conservative mega-donors are purging the GOP — why aren’t liberal tycoons doing the same for Democrats? From Agni, Vincent Czyz on plotting against plot. From The Futurist, James H. Lee is hard at work in the jobless future. Ezra Klein on how Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi, John Boehner, and Ben Bernanke are likely to decide our next president. From The Point, Timothy Aubry on sizing up Oprah. Should you still choose nuclear engineering as a career? Despite Fukushima, nuclear engineering still promises a stable career. Bible in one hand, spade in the other: Eilat Mazar is unafraid to claim archaeological finds of biblical proportions. A new John McCain's Institute launches.