From Monthly Review, welcome to the desert of transition: Post-socialism, the European Union, and a new Left in the Balkans. The EU’s far frontier: The EU has invested heavily in modernising eastern Poland, but joining the Schengen area has cut Poland off from its eastern neighbours and the country’s rural east is lagging behind. Shifting shapes of Europe: An interview with Gerard Delanty, author of Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality. Although reports of its demise are at least three months premature, the death of the euro would also kill off an interesting experiment in monetary geography. Brad Plumer on the 5 possible parts of a “master plan” to save the euro. 12 Signs of the Europocalypse: From the Chinese buying spree to the rise of extremism, here's what to watch for as the continent teeters on the brink of disaster. Richard Falk on how a stronger “political Europe” might save a stumbling “economic Europe”. An interview with Amartya Sen: “There is a democratic failure in Europe”. From Eurozine, Jan-Werner Muller on the failure of European intellectuals.