Chris Heathwood (Colorado): Could Morality Have a Source? D. Gene Witmer (Florida): On Making Everything Boring. The inaugural issue of Thought: A Journal of Philosophy is free online. From Synthesis Philosophica, a special issue on Questions of Identity. From the Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Alexander George (Amherst): Opening the Door to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land: Hempel and Kuhn on Rationality. A review of A Brief History of Justice by David Johnston. From Kant Studies Online, Luigi Caranti (Catania): The One Possible Basis for the Proof of the Existence of the External World: Kant’s Anti-Sceptical Argument in the 1781 Fourth Paralogism. The first chapter from Logic: The Laws of Truth by Nicholas J. J. Smith. Plastic Surgery for the Monadology: Graham Harman on fascinating points of similarity and difference between Leibniz's Monadology and Heidegger's “The Thing”, two of the greatest short works in the history of philosophy. Philosophy's Western bias: Not even ancient Greece can claim to be the true home of philosophy — so why do we persist in our Eurocentric delusion?