From the Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology, a special issue on Empirical Evidence: Varieties of Sociological Argumentation. From NYRB, John Gray on the violent visions of Slavoj Zizek. From Phyllis Schlafly Reports, a look at the phony divide between fiscal and social issues; and a special issue on winning where it counts — in the courts. The Supreme Court's rightward shift: Even before the Obamacare decision, the Roberts court was on its way to becoming the most conservative in decades. Chris Hayes has arrived with “Up”. Can Mario Monti save Italy — and the euro? Impossible Germany: Thomas Sargent on Europe’s debt crisis. Vague, general or downright evasive policy prescriptions on some of the most important issues facing the country are becoming the rule for Mitt Romney. Bid to become liar-in-chief: Spin is normal in politics, but Mitt Romney is pioneering a cynical strategy of reducing fact and truth to pure partisanship. A look at how Arabic manuscripts show it used to snow in Iraq. A review of The Philosophy of Wine: A Case of Truth, Beauty, and Intoxication by Cain Todd.