John Finnis (Oxford): What is the Philosophy of Law? Brian Leiter (Chicago): Legal Realisms, Old and New. Guyora Binder (Buffalo): Critical Legal Studies. Marco Jimenez (Stetson): Towards a Borgean Theory of Constitutional Interpretation. Ian C. Bartrum (UNLV): Constitutional Value Judgments and Interpretive Theory Choice. Keith E. Whittington (Princeton): Is Originalism Too Conservative? Mary Ziegler (Saint Louis): Grassroots Originalism: Rethinking the Politics of Judicial Philosophy. Eric J. Miller (SLU): Indecisive Reasons for Action: Socrates, Not Hercules, as Judicial Ideal. Leo Katz on his book Why the Law Is So Perverse. A review of Brian Tamanaha's Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide: The Role of Politics in Judging. From 3:AM, an interview with Andrei Marmor, a fo rizzle legal philosopher; and Meir Dan-Cohen is a hard-core Harvard-tough philosopher of law. After 49 years of service to Harvard Law School, Frank I. Michelman retires in order to devote more time to his writing; in the Harvard Law Review, several scholars contribute to a tribute in his honor (and more by Vlad Perju).