Robert Muggah (PUC-Rio): Urban Violence and Humanitarian Action: Engaging the Fragile City. From Cultural Science, here is the final report of the CCI Creative City Index 2012. From International Socialism, Mike Haynes on global cities, global workers in the 21st century. Christopher Mims on how the "Internet of Things" is turning cities into living organisms. A review of The Spirit of Cities: Why Identity Matters in a Global Age by Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit. From FiveBooks, an interview with Leo Hollis on why cities are good for you. Can Dickson Despommier’s radical vision for urban agriculture take root in the United States? From Antiquity, a review of The Urban Mind: Cultural and Environmental Dynamics. From Geocurrents, what is a city? Asya Pereltsvaig investigates. A review of Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution by David Harvey (and more). The one thing that Delhi lacks, which other cities have, is an underpinning of a shared culture, however diffuse that may be.